Wynnewood Residence


Our Solution

This Wynnewood is the essence of Tudor architect that prevalent throughout the Main Line during the early 1900's. Our clients bought the home with the intent to renovate the entire property. After finishing the inside, they turned outward. A full Master Plan was done starting from the street to the rear to the property. Over the years, we phased the project to make it easier on the client's wallet while still hitting key points to completely renovate each space. The client now enjoys beautiful gardens all year round while still having complete 360 access to all of their amenities.



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The After...

CZ Woodworking is both a friend of the client and of Roots, so they were brought in to install all the pergolas while Roots was tasked to finish the gardens and hardscape that the pergolas sat on. The entire property pops with color and is a shining example of the evolution of a project over the years.



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